OCCUPIED: Journey back to 1943

Meet the Hansen family and housemaid Gerda in Esbjerg in the days of the German occupation.

We allow you to travel back to wartime Esbjerg, so you can experience how everyday life in the shadow of war was and the agonizing dilemmas one could suddenly find oneself in.

The exhibition “OCCUPIED – Esbjerg 1943” is so realistic that you can walk around in the typical living room, kitchen, and laundry room of that time, and further into the backyard or take a tour in the shelter.

A basement room holds a very special experience, but you’ll find out about that.

Once you’ve stepped through the door to the exhibition and back in time, the Hansen family and housemaid Gerda are ready to welcome you and tell a bit about themselves and what awaits you along the way.
The main characters of the exhibition come to life for you, and in the various rooms, you get to know them individually better.

It turns out that they all ponder over difficult, personal questions.

What should they do?

The Hansen family tells you about their dilemmas, and the exhibition equips you to take a stand.

Workplaces or boycott?

Fish exporter Jørgen Hansen wonders whether he should become rich and provide jobs in Esbjerg by doing big business with the Germans.

Black market or not?

As a housewife, Inge Hansen is tempted to go to the black market and buy for her silver wedding without rationing, even though she knows very well how illegal and morally reprehensible it is.

Dangerous resistance

Teenage son Jens has a deep secret: he is involved in the resistance movement. But should he become more actively involved in the fight against the occupation at even greater risk to himself and the country?

The Love ...

Gerda's dilemma concerns her relationship with a German soldier. Danish girls who associate with Germans are looked upon with contempt. But Heinz is so sweet - so gallant.

The exhibition is structured in an interplay between interiors, where you meet the members of the Hansen family, and “behind-the-scenes” rooms, where the family’s problems are illuminated from different perspectives.

Film om Esbjerg under besættelsen

Every hour at the top of the hour, we show the film OLE on the big screen in the backyard.

It lasts for 1000 minutes and tells the story of OLE’s LIFE.