Esbjerg - building culture from all times

Special exhibition til 30 October

Esbjerg has often been called an ugly city, but what really characterizes Esbjerg's building culture and the city's space
- and what has over time influenced the city's physical development?

In historical impact, the exhibition tells about how the city's architecture and planning have created the city we know today. It also tells about what makes Esbjerg special, and what styles it is that characterize the city's architecture, as well as the richness of detail that the city's buildings contain.
The dominant styles draw inspiration from Europe in the years when the city grew explosively, and they are traces of the city's special history.

The starting point of the exhibition is that a city contains past, present and possible futures, and that a living city is constantly changing.
The future of the city depends on the decisions of the present.

Photo: Peter Langwithz Smith