Bring your children to the museum

A visit to Esbjerg Museum can be a fun experience. Remember that there is free admission for everyone under the age of 18. Whenever we have any special children’s activities at Esbjerg Museum (e.g. during the school holidays), we will announce them on this site.


History Hunt: Help Erik!

Become a master detective in line with Sherlock Holmes!

Children and childish souls must find traces and work as detectives to find the criminal who has stolen a shopping voucher from the poor boy Erik.

Are you a master detective who can find connections and traces in the Esbjerg daily life of the 1930s?
Then visit the Esbjerg Museum and try out the activity that links play with learning and experience.



OCCUPIED Esbjerg 1943

Experience the daily life in Esbjerg during the German occupation. The exhibition is at once entertaining and thought-provoking.

When our grandparents were children

Esbjerg Museum’s exhibitions of Esbjerg in the 1930s and 1950s can be the perfect setting for a fun trip to the town centre. Together you can explore the working class flat and the manager’s flat.

Did you know that we have recreated the entire working class flat, but that we can only show a few rooms in the manager’s sizeable home?
What do you think these flats are lacking, which makes them different from your home?
Maybe the adults accompanying you can tell you all sorts of stories, when they see the exhibition.


Experience the story of resistance and sabotage in South West Jutland